Our Approach

Financial Statement and Management Account Analysis

workforce fund grant scenario  Help management (especially non-financial managers) to read, interpret and understand the     strategic implications of reported financial information. Understand how finance links to other     aspects of strategy. This is typically done on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis depending on     the business needs. Assist management to make informed business decisions based on this     information.
workforce fund grant scenario  Perform ratio analyses on the financial information to highlight:
        a) the potential risks in the business
        b) gain a deeper understanding of profitability.
workforce fund grant scenario  Describe and explain the importance of the key financial ratios to management. Risk analysis     includes liquidity, solvency and financial structural analysis; while profitability analysis includes     analyzing profitability measures in detail as well as various forms of employed capital.
workforce fund grant scenario  Common size analysis, horizontal and vertical analysis, analysis of variance is also performed     on income and expense items across multiple financial periods to highlight and uncover trends     and explain their business implications.

Sales Trend Analytics

workforce fund grant scenario  Detailed sales analysis is used in working with sales teams to determine sales trends,     composition of customer mix, profitability of various products and customer segments and the     drivers of these factors.
workforce fund grant scenario  This sales trend information is then used to help inform strategic sales efforts including which     customer segments to target, potential areas for sales growth, the likelihood of winning in certain     customer segments versus other segments of the market. This helps to focus sales resources and     efforts to increase profitability.

Three and Five Year Financial Modeling and Forecasting

Review existing or create new 3 and 5 year financial models and forecasts. Assess assumptions, determine "what-if" scenarios and their impact on business profitability, free cash flows and value. Ensure that the model structure can be easily used to take account of changes in organizational and market dynamics.

Creation of Financial Dashboards and Metrics

workforce fund grant scenario  Set up dashboards metrics and flags for directors and management to track performance of     business units, subsidiaries and appropriate operations.
workforce fund grant scenario  Appropriate metrics, roll-ups and time periods for monitoring are determined based on company     specific needs and the degree of director / shareholder involvement.