Our Approach

Competitive Strategy

Customer Focused Strategy

workforce fund grant scenario  What markets and customers should you serve? How does this align with your current business     strategy and tactics?
workforce fund grant scenario  What do your existing customers think about you? What are your strengths and areas for     improvement? What can you learn from them? Where is your sweet spot?
workforce fund grant scenario  How profitable are the different customer segments now and are likely to be in the future? How     should you serve these "profitable" customers? With what product / service range?

Typical Methodologies include secondary market research, primary customer research including customer focus groups, in-store intercept survey and customer surveys, customer segmentation maps, financial sales and contributions analyses, amongst others.

Knowing Your Competition

workforce fund grant scenario  Who are your current and potential competitors? How are they likely to react to your strategic     moves?
workforce fund grant scenario  How do you counter these competitive threats and differentiate yourselves from your competitors?
workforce fund grant scenario  What specific people skills do you need to deliver on this business strategy and how should you     hire or develop these skills?

Typical Methodologies include competitor analysis, formulation of on-going capture of data and analysis methods, financial analyses, modeling to predict competitor moves, amongst others.

Organizational Strategy

workforce fund grant scenario  What is the organization's vision and mission? Is it clearly defined?
workforce fund grant scenario  Is the organizational structure optimized? What should the hierarchy or organogram look like?     Who should report to whom to achieve business goals and given employee competencies?
workforce fund grant scenario  Are there clear roles and responsibilities? Have you completed the appropriate job analyses, job     designs and job descriptions?
workforce fund grant scenario  How do you define goals and key performance indicators for each department to support     business goals that are in line with overall company objectives.
workforce fund grant scenario  How do you track your organizational performance? What type of analysis and indicators should     you use and how often should you measure, analyze and adjust your direction based on this     information?

Typical Methodologies include inefficiency diagnostics tools, a review of organizational structures, interactions, workflow and dynamics, sophisticated proprietary online employee and customer survey analysis, performance management and goal management methodologies. All these methods are incorporated into our proprietary organizational measurement, development and diagnostic tool set.

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