Our Mission

Our Business Units

Business Strategy & Analytics

Strategy and Analytics if applied appropriately hold the potential to be the lifeline of any company that wants to stay ahead of the curve and be best prepared for what lies ahead. However without careful implementation, recommended ideas become a glorified concept. We pride ourselves on methodical implementation. Following through on results ensures that our clients are not only bedazzled with the ideas but are blown away with the results. The diverse backgrounds and years of consulting experience has left our team resembling a well-aged bottle of mature advice who has weathered many a storm and come out victorious.

HR Science

One of the biggest areas of weakness in the Human Resource arena is that the field often lacks scientific and accurate measures on many fronts. We take human capability and nurture it with sound metrics, applied science and dedicated care. Utilizing our proprietary customized systems, we help track and reward performance, cultivate goals and improve all-round productivity levels for our clients. In addition our systems provide a hire to exit strategy for each and every employee in order to ensure our clients hire the right talent, provide stability and grow that talent, while caring for the rewarding end right from the start.

Training / Capability Building

We like to view training in a light quite unique to our competitors. Since most our team has consulted for many years in many different capacities, it is second nature to bring a diverse consulting spin to training. We like to use our training consultations as real life working sessions by emulating and identifying the real core issues that our clients are experiencing and then applying a plethora of techniques to help train them on how to deal and overcome barriers and hurdles. This approach takes simple theoretical training to a true capability building level that is sustainable, everlasting and stands our clients in good stead.